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Welcome to ecoPLAY, home of Limetools’ environmental behaviour change 

It’s no longer a novel conversation to have that Climate Change is happening, and that action needs to be taken now to avoid catastrophic repercussions. The drivers for change, including regulatory and economic, are pushing an increasingly aware global community that addressing the climate emergency is “the right thing to do!”

We want to use our environmental and behaviour change expertise to bring organisations along with us in reducing their energy consumption and carbon emissions, by changing behaviour within organisations, and empowering staff to make changes in work, at home and in the wider world to reduce their energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and in doing so reduce their organisation’s too.     

We have broken up or work programme in this critical area into four section of research, development and tool manufacture:

1.    Energy and CO2 reduction behaviour change
2.    Waste management behaviour change
3.    Building managers Tools
4.    Young eco-citizens

All our tools will be configurable to allow clients to select:

1.    Delivery methods – Learning Management System, streaming, simul-cast live 
2.    Learner Profile - Tools are designed to work as a self-directed or workshop learning experience
3.    Tool modularity -  Design allows for individual modules and tools to be put together, or for a collection of tools to be run with a campaign support pack
4.    Personalisation - All tools are made ‘white label’ to allow for personalisation with company branding and language versioning, if required

Ecoplay Enquiries:    Kyle Patterson  - Business Operations Manager    |     |    +44 (0) 1202 022449

Head Office:    Studio 5     |     The Old Brewery     |     91A Southcote Road     |     Bournemouth     |      BH1 3SW

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