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Young eco-Citizens (in development)

How to Become a Citizen Scientist Training Tool: CS Reporting Toolkit

This will be a generic interactive and multimedia tool on how to set up and deliver Citizen Science, that can be used by any project considering and implementing Citizen Science. It will capture both an authoritative explanation of “why?” Citizen Science is a powerful model for widening community participation in the empirical measurement of issues that relate to both climate change and the specifics issues around air pollution that are thought to be enabled by climate change. It will also provide a methodological approach to implementing a Citizen Science project, that will be useful to anyone to launch such a project.

Schools Toolkit

A digital downloadable toolkit, that can be used in the classroom by teachers, and retrieved by self-directed learning students to use in their own distance learning schoolwork. It will cover topics such as: Air Pollution impacts on the community; citizen science for young people; Living Labs as an innovation mechanism; Calculating your environmental impact. The current intention is to gear these tools for teachers and pupils aged 9-13years old. Teachers will use them to bring their existing science, geography and citizenship curriculums to life and the children will be able to see real video footage of pollution science being explored.

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