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The World Bank

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The World Bank - Environmental & Social Due Diligence Framework Training Programme – Arcadis Consulting [Project Coordinator]  

“As the lead coordinating consultancy on the World Bank global training programme, I can confirm that LiMETOOLS’ creative design and manufacture were admired by all the consortium, including our client, the World Bank itself. LiMETOOLS managed to make complex technical areas of the training accessible and through their use of fictional scenarios, brought many of them to life in a way that guaranteed retention long after the programme had been completed. They listened carefully to the bank’s needs and responded with highly imaginative but appropriately-scaled solutions. Finally, this project was commissioned on a very tight global delivery schedule and the LiMETOOLS project team worked highly efficiently to bring it in on time and on budget.”

Amos de Jong -  Director Investment Services | Arcadis Consulting [Netherlands]

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Equator Principles Association

 “Initially we were uncertain about the use of fictional drama scenarios, but it became soon clear that it was a smart way to integrate the challenges faced in real case studies in an anonymous but compelling way. Limetools uses a good collaborative approach that enables us to ensure that the scenarios depicted in the drama were accurate and challenging for the learners to evaluate. The actors impressed me very much as they very realistically portrayed the roles of head of project finance, environmental risk manager, the client and independent environmental consultant – all without having ever talked with any of the bankers involved in developing this project.  Since the “movie” had to be set in a fictional country, the selection of actors cleverly represented the diversity of the Equator Principles Association e-learner community without looking unnaturally set-up.

We agreed that no slang should be used and that all dialog should have subtitles, even though the whole movie is in English.  John Dale’s experience as a film producer brings to the project techniques that produce broadcast-standard drama.  The case is fictional, but all of the bankers who watched the movie felt that it correctly reflected their reality, independent of the nationality of the banker. 

Christopher Wells - Banco Santander and Senior Member of the EPA Steering Group, representing 97 international banks.

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“Limetools were able to transform dull topics (physical security and travel security) into engaging captivating e-learns. Which both stimulated our PwC internal audiences but also educated them! I thought the end result was really creative and I was so impressed with how they were able to bring long and complex documents to life in a way that could be interpreted for our global audience.”

Amy Clark  -  Project Manager | PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC.

Personal Testimonials

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HMG. Dept for International Trade

“I have been with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Department for International Trade (DIT) in senior roles for ten+ years and during that time I have worked as a client with John Dale, on a variety of projects, which delivered information and knowledge transfer about a range of innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable business and low carbon futures. One project they did for me involved creating a six-part TV series on UK innovation, which was seen by 9 million Indian nationals when originally aired on Discovery Channel and apparently, subsequently seen by 40 million people across Southern Asia. They delivered this project in eight months with a tight budget of around £300,000. 

John has always been distinctive in his use of dramatised video storytelling in his training strategies, which engage and retain significant levels of interest at the highest levels. A pleasure to work with. “

Dr Rob Daniel - Head | Overseas Trade Capability Programme, UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office

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Executive Education, Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

“ I have always been impressed by the ability of the team to understand swiftly the key learning points that have needed to be developed.  I have also been impressed by their innovative approach to driving knowledge transfer across many different communities across Europe, often catalysing innovation and entrepreneurship and using creative content development.  Finally, and very importantly, they have always kept to budget and timelines even when dealing with large and complex programmes. I am confident to recommend LiMETOOLS as an effective e-learning partner.”

Peter Hiscocks - Former CEO | Judge Business School Executive Education, University of Cambridge

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