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So, how does our Behaviour Change Engine work?

                The video below shows the learning techniques in action and explores the value and retentive impact of working with drama. We show how LiMETOOLS not only delivers changes to the user's skillsets, but to their mindsets and more crucially their heartsets.

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                At Limetools we use a mix of immersion, video delivery, gamification, interactive media and nudge techniques to facilitate habit and behaviour change. Our learning techniques are backed up by up-to-date research and influenced by our developing academic practise. Each tool is underpinned by Social Cognitive Theory, a widely accepted psychological learning theory that exploits the fact that we learn vicariously by observing and relating to our peers behaviours and experiences.

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Our Learning Strategy

Before the development or versioning of each tool we embark on in-depth user profile analysis that helps us create a highly bespoke, relatable and retainable learning programme for each of our different user types.  We create carefully researched work-based simulations to help our learners face up to highly complex and challenging decisions. These simulations are predominantly delivered using TV soap style drama techniques. The video delivery method is a recurrent theme throughout our training and aligns with the learning objectives to provide an immersive and informative learning package. These techniques help our learners challenge their ingrained organisational bad habits. When they see the results of their own analysis, it encourages them to adopt practical and personalised behaviours.

Our cloud-based programmes can be used on traditional desktop systems, laptops, mobiles and tablets, enabling learners to interact directly with their specific environments, when appropriate, as they move around their workplace or ‘save’ and complete at home. Our data-capture system records, analyses and measures trainee’s performance in real time and then aggregates and filters the data to provide data feedback. This can be assessed to provide departmental capacity growth, calculate regional or site comparisons and identify those internal teams where further interventions are needed.

Our learning pathways are configurable, enabling you to version the tools to suit your own environment and culture. Investing in your cyber learning will significantly reduce your security risk, cause quantifiable cost reductions and increase your organisation competitiveness as a result.

                Throughout our learning tools questions will be asked to assure the user is actually absorbing the information, then we test their more cognitive comprehension and understanding, where progression of the tool can be paused unless the correct answers are given. The immersion offered to the learners ensures critical decisions are made and through that we can measure engagement.

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Our Data and Measurement Techniques

Working with our clients, we can create ‘toughness’ level options, setting variable benchmarks, so that they can determine how easy or hard it is for their staff to pass a learning tool. We will develop personal action plans and pledge activities with them to support the lasting behaviour change made by experiencing and completing our learning tools. These personal commitments, made within the tool, can be measured, and support our scoring system to provide ROI value for our tools. It’s the user that decides ‘for real’ what behaviours they are changing as a consequence of this experience, but it’s still all monitored and assessed by our LMS.

Overall engagement and immersion is also deliberately driven, and monitored, by waking up the user’s competitive instincts. We can show them how they’ve scored against their colleagues; it can drive them to re-do a module to obtain a higher score. For those clients who wish to incentivise their staff with bonuses or other rewards, this functionality of our system becomes a powerful element of the learning results.

General Enquiries:    Kyle Patterson  - Business Operations Manager    |    |    +44 (0) 1202 022449

Head Office:    Studio 5     |     The Old Brewery     |     91A Southcote Road     |     Bournemouth     |      BH1 3SN                Company Registration:    8516058 

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