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About The Team

Vision & Business Philosophy

                We are working to become the leading “mass behavioural change” tool provider with global reach, dealing creatively with the complex challenges for people and their organisations to overcome in the years ahead, encouraging innovation and contributing to the economic success of our clients and employees.

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Our Vision

The emerging realities of our complex digital environment demands almost continuous behaviour change. Understanding these drivers of societal and economic change is part of our value to customers.

Business Philosophy

We acknowledge our responsibilities as a supplier to be trustworthy, innovative, secure, timely and prudent with resources, whilst delivering a consistently high quality. However, our founder sums up the essence of what continues to be our core operational brief:


"We go that extra mile to ensure we have relevant, high-quality programs to meet our clients’ challenges at all times”

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About The Team

              Welcome! We are a small team of ten, working with an associate group of about 21 specialists and we usually have at least two student placements that keep us challenged. Our average age is 37, and it’s only that high because our three directors have been around the block a few times. Our investors have enabled us to create a cutting-edge studio and simulcast delivery system, to maximise the robustness of the Limetools ‘engine’ that powers our behaviour change tools (use Our Techniques tab). We live and work both virtually and in our HQ in the old brewery, only two blocks away from the beach.

Despite the fact that we have very different backgrounds and skillsets, we are all driven by how we can practically bring about change in employees’ approach to work. One of the favourite quotes from Buckminster Fuller, the extraordinary architect and futurist, stimulated this early on:

On the left side of this image is a mobile phone showing the Limetools logo at the top, some grass at the bottom with computer cables growing up alonside the grass. In the middle, the word 'behaviour' is being highlighted with a green highlighting pen. Under this word are the words learning on demand, personal action plans, savings, growth and profit. On the right side of the image is a spider diagram linking icons that denote Data Analytics, The Internet of Things, Biotechnology, Materials Science, Cyber Crime, Energy Consumption, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Robotics, E-Commerce, Cloud, Autonomous Vehicles and Nanotechnology.

Consequently, our behaviour change tools use all our skills to ensure knowledge and technique retention and that includes storytelling, authoritative research and knowledge, feature film drama, video documentary, animation, interactive scenario gaming and data analytics. We don’t push training on our learners… we have learnt how to immerse them into ownership of their own learning process.

We are now able to work efficiently with vast government departments through to supporting a group of micro-SME’S; from multinationals like PwC to two R&D projects for the MOD; from cyber security in the UK and sustainability tools for the World Bank to innovation management in Africa and in Europe, facilitating remote working and mental wellbeing in public service.

Although we are growing fast, we will always make sure you meet the right person early on to navigate a genuinely personal journey with us.

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                Limetools’ Director, John Dale, comes from a television broadcast and education background. Whilst he was producing a film in Indonesia in 2013, he became profoundly concerned by the effects of climate change, particularly on young people. Limetools was created in 2014 to address the behaviour change needs and within a year, the company had won ‘Best Concept’ in the RBS International Innovation Awards. Further investors broadened the application of techniques to include cyber security and lifelong learning. The company moved from its base in Cambridge and London to Bournemouth, employed a lot of very talented young graduates and now has staff based in several different countries.

General Enquiries:    Kyle Patterson  - Business Operations Manager    |    |    +44 (0) 1202 022449

Head Office:    Studio 5     |     The Old Brewery     |     91A Southcote Road     |     Bournemouth     |      BH1 3SN                Company Registration:    8516058 

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