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Limetools exists to generate successful and lasting behaviour change amongst our client’s employees. Using psychological learning theory in the development of organisational behaviour change tools, we unlock our clients, and their companies, potential for a streamlined outlook.

We are skilled in developing story-led content, rich in decision-making scenarios that leads to long-lasting behaviour change. Producing transmedia teaching techniques leads users to make highly complex and challenging decisions and question their ingrained organisational bad habits, before seeing the results of their analysis. Our work often includes feature film drama, comic-strips, animated quizzes and factual documentaries to generate user immersion and deliver habit change, measured through embedded data analytics. The team’s expertise include, but are not limited to, psychology, cyber security, sustainability, gaming, film and TV production and behaviour change.

Psyber Enquiries:    Kyle Patterson  - Business Operations Manager    |    |    +44 (0) 1202 022449

Head Office:    Studio 5     |     The Old Brewery     |     91A Southcote Road     |     Bournemouth     |      BH1 3SN

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