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JOHN DALE   John is our Executive Director of Products & Services. John has led organisations for over 30 years in media production, including senior creative and managerial roles in the BBC and the UK’s main commercial channel, ITV. He is uniquely able to take the scientific and technological facts of the changing world and blend them into compelling storytelling that can be used by business and policy makers to enhance and promote their understanding of the future.

STEVE NEAL   Steve is our Commercial Executive Director. Steve has a wealth of practical financial experience ranging from assurance, due diligence investigations, fund raising to succession planning in the UK and Internationally. He is a specialist in the application of methodologies that supports Profit Improvement Programmes for SME’s. He also has a deep understanding of information technology systems and the use of data analytics to support business strategy decision making.


SUSIE JAMES   Susie is our Psyber Development Executive Director. A successful serial entrepreneur and Psychology graduate from Bournemouth University, Susie brings together a wealth of business acumen, creativity and a deep Psychological understanding of human behaviour. Susie has created, built and sold two successful businesses, demonstrating her ability to identify and capitalise on key b2b service requirements.

ASHLEY GARNER   Ashley is our Head of Production. His previous experience working with John in broadcast and training environments has given him a very broad range of skills. He is either directly involved with or oversees branding, on-screen design and production / post-production processes. He brings a creativity and discipline to everyone who works with him and understands the learning environment and the power that storytellers can bring to the process of behaviour change.


Associate Professor Jacqui Taylor, Behavioural Psychologist  Dr Jacqui Taylor is an Associate Professor in the Dept of Psychology at Bournemouth University. Jacqui was awarded a PhD by the University of Portsmouth for one of the first doctorates investigating the psychological impacts of the internet on online interaction. For the last 25 years, Jacqui has taught and conducted research on the topic of Cyberpsychology and her research has investigated a wide variety of topics including digital addiction, online deception and online trust. Jacqui has been involved in a number of consultancy and externally-funded projects, including: developing online training tools (SPOCE Project Management Ltd), cybersecurity evaluations (Technology Strategy Board); advising on user experience (BBC), and delivering social influence communication training (NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence). Jacqui has been involved with cybersecurity research with the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory and Dorset Cyber Alliance.  

JOE DALE  Joe is our Gamification Manager. He has a great passion for gaming in all its many forms! He has always worked in the gaming sector - through behavioural, educational, psychological or for entertainment purposes. LiMETOOLS allows him to exercise his skills by taking existing formats and integrating game mechanics into them to motivate participation, engagement, behavioural change, entertainment and loyalty. Everyone learns faster when they are having fun! 


NIALL CASTELLI  Niall is our Research & Project Manager, ecoNECT. Niall was compelled to follow a career in Environmental Science following his work as a scuba diving instructor on the Great Barrier Reef and his exploration of the Canadian wilderness in his early 20’s. After graduating from The University of The West of England (BSc Hons Environmental Science), he went on to work in a number of roles at The Environment Agency and Concept Life Sciences. Niall has been working with LiMETOOLS since 2015 and became a full-time member of the team in early 2018.

MEGAN PLEVA   Megan is our Business Development Executive, Psyber. After graduating with an MSc in Cyber Security and Human Factors Megan joined us to help develop cyber content for our products, co-ordinate the development of new training tools, manage client relationships and research existing trends in Cyber. Her academic background in Psychology (BSc) allows her to develop tools using psychological learning theory whilst combining that with an understanding of the technical and behavioural elements associated with cyber threat.


PAUL ORMEROD  Paul is our Director, ecoNECT Sales. Paul co-founded LiMETOOLS to develop e-learning tools to meet demand in business and government for capacity building and improved performance, that enabled sustainable business models and policy development and implementation. Paul has a 30-year career in advising business and government on evolving technological impacts and climate change, with a focus recently on developing inclusive decision making models that respect the voices of all players in a world that is increasingly prioritising low carbon futures.

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