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 “ Organisations don’t change behaviour… the people do

So… what is our solution?

LiMETOOLS creates online learning tools that help change employee behaviour, from micro start-up businesses,

to SME’s and all the way through to large corporate organisations.

How do we do it?

LiMETOOLS is our behaviour change engine - CLICK here for short video.

Our engine uses psychological learning theory to inform the development of our behaviour change tools. We use many different techniques in order to generate user engagement and consequent habit change. Techniques include feature film drama, comic-strip story-boarding, user profiling to develop tools for specific groups, animated quizzes and factual documentaries.  

Our fictional and documentary video scenarios use carefully researched industrial case studies. Users are asked to make highly complex and challenging decisions and question their ingrained organisational bad habits before seeing the results of their analysis.

Techniques like this make up the core of all our behaviour change tools.

All of our content is substantiated by psychologists and a panel of global experts in the field who offer opinion

and advice during the development process of each tool.

Our Psyber division tackles behaviour change in cyber security.

Our ecoNECT division focuses on informing about sustainability.

Please visit the ‘Our Products’ tab to find out more about the product solutions that we offer.

Sales Enquiries:    Niall Castelli    |    |    +44 (0) 1202 022449

Head Office:    Office 5     |     The Old Brewery     |     91A Southcote Road     |     Bournemouth     |      BH1 3SW

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